Friday, March 30, 2007

Old Salem

Today we went to Old Salem to walk around and see the houses and learn about the history of the Moravians. When the Moravians came over to the states, they built the town of Salem and only Moravians could live there.

Mom and Kevin in front of the covered bridge where we crossed over to the past.....

Rachel and Aunt Tara as we were waiting to eat lunch at the Salem Tavern....we were teasing Rachel about the woman on the other side of the window watching her....
We were waiting on Mom to get out of a book shop.... Rachel was smacking Uncle Kevin on the head with her new fan.
Rachel, Tara, Mom and I took a carriage ride with Rusty the horse pulling us. When Mom said she was from Marion, IN, the guy driving asked if we were Wesleyans! He attends a Wesleyan church in the area and said that Tom Kinnan was preaching a revival a few years back and he renewed his walk with Christ. What a small world!
It's not a stuffed animal! :) God's Acre...this is where all the Moravians from Old Salem were buried.Can you see Dad in the background?We went inside this church, the Moravian Home Church, which was built in 1800.

It was a beautiful day today! The afternoon started out in the 60s and then warmed up quite nicely! We had a great time! :)

Rachel, Part II

Rachel with my sunglasses when we were eating out at the Country Kitchen.... the Japanese restaurant with her "pork chops"...yep, that's what she called them!
...we did her hair fancy....
.....more to come...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I know, I's been forever since I've posted anything....except on Kevin's blog. :) So, tomorrow I will post pictures of things Rachel and I have been doing...only after I get home from school, of course. She is in bed right now with her new friend, Wrinkles, a dog she got at Cracker Barrell....I take that she's in here talking to me when she's supposed to be in bed. What fun we are having! :)