Thursday, August 13, 2009

More pics

Here are some pics of Hannah with my cousin's little boy, Eli. Hannah kept beating him up and taking his paci while we were there. Sorry, Eli! There are also some pictures of me for my mother. My hair is straight and behind my ears....she doesn't like it hanging in my face so those are for her. Sorry the rest of you have to look at those. I think the rest of the pictures are self-explanatory. Enjoy!



Tonight I sat Hannah on the potty and said, "Go potty," and I went in to start her bath water. In no time at all, she came walking into the little bathroom with the tub. (For those of you not familiar with my house, we have a little bathroom with just a tub and toilet inside a larger bathroom where the sinks and laundry area are.) She hadn't gone potty so I sat her back down and said, "You need to go potty." Very soon she came running back in. I said, "Sit down and go potty," and I turned to check on her bath water. When I turned back around she was squatting on the carpet going potty!!!!! Well, she did what I said....she sat and pottied! Does this mean that she can potty on command now??

Monday, August 3, 2009

Here are some pics mostly of our time in Cincinnati. We went to the zoo with my cousin, her little boy, and my aunt and uncle. I also have some pictures of my other uncle's house which is under construction. I thought mom might like to see those. Enjoy!

8.3.09 Cincy Zoo

Indiana Trip

Here are some pictures from our trip to Indiana. Click to see more.

8.1.09 Indiana Trip