Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Pics with Kylie!

Latest Pics of our hospital stay with Kylie!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kylie Mirella

After a high speed dash to the WS Forsyth Hospital, Kylie Mirella arrived at 10:55pm 6.18.2010!!!!

The most interesting part of the story thus far was that we were standing in the driveway at 10:15pm... 15 minute drive... 10-15 minutes to get from the car to the triage room to the delivery room...

Kim made sure that everyone was able to know we were on the way and needed a clear path by using the labor siren... I have a great imitation, maybe I will record it and post it later... If you recall Harry & the Henderson's and the ambulance scene then you have a good idea!

So 5 minutes later we had 8 nurses coming in and out and no doc. anywhere to be found... one in a C section and the other 15 minutes eta from a birthday party. They found a doc to pinch hit and she did great... Dr. Stilley I believe... we only knew her for 10 minutes and then our doc arrived.

Some pics below.