Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Vacuum Cleaner

So, evidently I haven't vacuumed in least not while Hannah was awake. I was going to vacuum the bathroom today while she was sleeping, but I cleaned the cabinets under the sink instead. So tonight after dinner I pulled out the vacuum and before I started vacuuming the bathroom I asked Hannah if she wanted to watch. She said yes, and when I turned it on, she had gotten Daddy to watch with her. She wouldn't come into the bathroom while I had it on. After thoroughly cleaning one section, I started moving things to clean another section and I moved her Fisher Price barn. She was very concerned that it was in the wrong place, but she sat down to play with it anyway. When I turned the vacuum on, she got up and left. I didn't think anything of it, but I did hear her say, "Daddy, up!" Well, I finally caught on when I moved to the next little section. I was vacuuming and turned around to see Mike holding her and tears were streaming down her face! She was thoroughly scared of the vacuum! So Mike showed her how it worked and got her laughing, but the minute it was on and he put her down, she started crying! Poor thing. Each time I turned it off after that she would come in and say, "Mommy done!" but I had to say no because I had a little bit left. I have never seen her so scared of anything! Poor baby. I should have guessed something was up last week when we were at the shoe store near closing time and a lady was vacuuming. Hannah wanted to know what that noise was, so we had to go watch her vacuum. Hannah acted like she had never seen a vacuum, and when I think about it, it's probably been months since she's seen me vacuum. Oh well. I guess I'll be doing that more in front of her from now on! :)