Monday, May 28, 2007

Chesapeake VA - again!!

We made it back to Chesapeake again! This time we came on Friday, and we're on our way home now....about 2 1/2 hours left to go! I have some pictures of me to post, but they're on my laptop and I'm using Mike's now since he has the aircard to get on the internet. Kari mentioned the fact that Kia rides the jet ski, so here are some pictures of her on the jet ski. If I could ever figure out how to put a video on here, I would show you the one were Mike was on the jet ski and Kia went crazy because she wanted a ride! She's hilarious!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Chesapeake VA

My parents-in-law own a house at Chesapeake Bay, and we've finally made it up here again. We try to come up at least once or twice during the summer, but we didn't make it at all last summer. We came up on Friday and we'll have to go home on Sunday, but Mike's parents are also here, so we're getting to spend time with his mom for Mother's Day. We usually go out on the boat or jet ski, but it was supposed to be cold and rainy all day, so we didn't even bring the jet ski. I brought a bunch of cold-weather clothes and only one pair of old stay-at-home shorts. Well, guess what? It didn't rain at all today! It was bright and sunny and hot outside! Mike and Kia were out on a kayak this afternoon, and I got sunburned while watching and taking pictures of them! Then, as we were fixing dinner, it got cloudy and the temperature dropped at least 15 degrees. It's freezing now!

We have had a great relaxing day....I got to sleep in and read outside on the deck. What a nice pre-vacation before school is out! :) Here are some pictures of Mike and Kia on the kayak. Kia acts like she's supposed to be in the kayak. "Don't all dogs do this?" :)