Monday, December 25, 2006

O, Christmas Tree....??

This year I didn't get my Christmas decorations up.....the tree is buried in the back of the attic and frankly, I didn't feel like dragging all that stuff out. So, I decorated our fake ficus tree! It was a nice touch! I put on the tree the one ornament I got at our choir ornament exchange and it's the only ornament I put on it! The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.....and, Mike and I did, however, get our presents wrapped to each other a whole day before we opened them, which is quite unusual for us. Last year we didn't get them wrapped, we just said, "Close your eyes and hold out your hands!" I know it's pretty sad, but we're not home long enough at Christmastime to enjoy any of it. We're just enjoying everyone else's decorations this year! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Kia and Zach

Here are our children....

Now who's copying?

Ok....since Kari and Kevin have blogs, I guess I have to join the blogging world, too. When I was contemplating starting a blog, I told Mike that we had nothing to write about. He said, "Don't tell Kia!" She's our blond, brown-eyed child who happens to also be a yellow lab. (Don't tell her she's a dog.) We do have many stories to tell about her and her brother, Zach, who happens to be a black and white cat. Like the other day....I got home from school after dark and let Kia outside to go potty. I was not watching her and all of a sudden I heard her barking! She is not one to go outside and bark at things for the fun of it, so I ran to the window to see what was going on. She was holding a UPS man hostage in his truck! He was trying to deliver a package, but since Kia was at the door of his truck barking profusely at him, he couldn't get out! I think he was yelling at her to go away. When I called her inside, the UPS man was able to deliver the package to our front door and then left quickly! Sweet, little Kia scared off the UPS guy.....