Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hannah's new word

Hannah's new word is "Beep!" Actually, it sounds like, "Beeeee!" When you tell her to "beep her nose" she will point to her nose and say, "Beeeee!" It's so cute!

Free Samples at Wal-Mart

I had no idea that you could sign up to get free samples at Wal-Mart!

Free Ice Cream at Wal-Mart!

Check out this site for the info.! Yum!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New word of the day

Hannah is learning to say new words so fast I can hardly keep up with her.  Today's new word is "mine."  Isn't she too young to know that word?  :)  And just where did she learn it???  Well, at least she doesn't know what it means!

The Smoke Detector Update

This morning the smoke detectors went off again, so Mike went and bought a new one.  He had replaced all the batteries yesterday because he thought they were going dead, but evidently that wasn't the problem.

Keetha, I thought the same thing yesterday...that all the BEEEEEEPS!!! were blanking out cuss words....but I decided to post it anyway.  LOL!  :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beeps in the Night

Beeps......that's not a strong enough word.  Screaming, high-pitched BEEEEEEEEEEEPS! is more like it.  BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!  They pound in your head BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! and won't stop BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! and you're trying to figure out how you ended up downstairs BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! when you were just in bed!  BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!  How BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! did I get BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! down here?  BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!  What in the world BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! is going on?  BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!  Why BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! can't I think?  BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!  

Mike and I were awakened at 5:30 this morning to ALL of the smoke detectors going off.  We are in Manteo trying to get the beach house ready to rent and were sleeping quite soundly when all of a sudden all 8 smoke detectors started beeping.  We did have enough sense to look or snif around to see if there was a fire or smoke, but nothing!  Worst of all, we couldn't reach any of the smoke detectors, so we're running around the house looking for anything to stand on.  We just got furniture in the house 2 weeks ago and I didn't really want to stand on it.  And we didn't have a step-stool or anything.  Mike finally got a bucket to stand on and got one of them off the wall.  Still beeping...screaming....aaaahhhh!!!!  I pulled a swivel chair across the master bedroom and used it to climb on the dresser so that I could reach the smoke detector.  However, I didn't know what to do once I got to it!  So I climbed down and went to find Mike.  He was coming upstairs with a ladder that he got from the basement.  He told me what to do and while he went after one in another bedroom, I climbed up again.  As soon as I touched it, all the beeping stopped.  Mike had gotten the other one off and all was quiet.  We just looked at each other like....what in the world!?

Some of you may be wondering about Hannah during all of this.  She sleeps in her own little room next to ours with the door closed.  We're thinking,'s 5:30 in the morning, Hannah's going to wake up and there will be no more sleep today....  On a side note, did any of you see a news program (like 60 Minutes) a couple of years ago that did a piece on sleeping children and smoke detectors?  They said that kids don't hear them when they're asleep.  We thought at the time, yeah, right.  Well, we're here to say that it is true!  Hannah slept peacefully through the whole thing!  There were at least 3 smoke detectors screaming right outside her door and she didn't even move!  It was such a strange morning!  To top things off, once we did get back to bed and just started to drift off, a huge crow sat outside our window yelling at something.  I couldn't help but to think about what I would say on my blog......

This is the smoke detector that when Mike took it off, all the rest quit beeping!  :)  He had to get a ladder....

This is outside the master bedroom.  Hannah's room is up there on the left.

Hannah sleeping....

The chair I stood on.... get on top of this dresser to reach this smoke detector.