Monday, December 25, 2006

O, Christmas Tree....??

This year I didn't get my Christmas decorations up.....the tree is buried in the back of the attic and frankly, I didn't feel like dragging all that stuff out. So, I decorated our fake ficus tree! It was a nice touch! I put on the tree the one ornament I got at our choir ornament exchange and it's the only ornament I put on it! The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.....and, Mike and I did, however, get our presents wrapped to each other a whole day before we opened them, which is quite unusual for us. Last year we didn't get them wrapped, we just said, "Close your eyes and hold out your hands!" I know it's pretty sad, but we're not home long enough at Christmastime to enjoy any of it. We're just enjoying everyone else's decorations this year! Merry Christmas!


Terhune family said...

Yep, it's sad. We managed to get one strand of lights on the little tree the day before we opened presents. I love the ficus tree with the presents around it, though.

Amy said...

You definitely get credit for creativity! Who said a Christmas tree has to be an evergreen anyway? I hope you had a great holiday!

Kim and Mike said...

I showed mom these pictures and she laughed and laughed until she cried! It was pretty late and she thought it was so funny to have presents around the ficus tree!

Jim and Jaena said...

I hope we get to see you! I am at home full-time so you can come over anytime or let me know and we can "meet up" somewhere kid-friendly. Or wait until after 5 and you can see Jim too...what a deal!

Kim and Joel said...

I like it! It has a lot of personality!
HOpe you are well and we look forward to keeping up with you blog. Thanks for your comment on ours.
Merry (Belated) Christmas.
Tell your parents we said hello.

Robin said...

I love your ability to improvise! No one ever said a Christmas tree HAS to be a tree with needles. In a sense, your ficus IS an EVERGREEN!

Kim and Joel said...

I am so excited-we made it to you contact list on your blog site! WOO HOO!
HOpe you are well and have a great new year!

Keetha said...

Kim - - - do you still teach? If the answer to that is YES - - then I TOTALLY understand you not having the energy to decorate!!! If my kids wouldn't BEHEAD me, I wouldn't decorate either!!!

I LOVE your little fica.

Not sure what part of NC you live in, we used to live in Kernersville. Greg went to Wake Forest for PA school - - - so we watched the Orange Bowl and pulled and pulled for Wake Forest - - - -but Louisville got them anyway. :-(

Keetha said...

Yes Kim, we attended Kernersville Wesleyan!!!!!!! Are you friends with Phil and Vicky Arnold??? They were good friends of ours as were Steve and Terry Arnold, but Steve and Terry live in Charlotte now. Lou Arnold took us under her wing like we were her own children.

Then, what about Wayne and Judy Peabody? All the Records (people used to think I was a sister to Marietta) and Freemans and Becky Pless, - - - - and I'll miss a BUNCH - - - but hey, tell them you know us and tell them HELLO!!!

Greg was the youth director for 4 or five years there and for a while (before beginning his medical career) he worked for Triad Construction and was on the crew that BUILT that church.

Wow - - - - small world - - - all this "cross over"