Friday, February 9, 2007

More of my house for Keetha.....

The Master Bedroom is right off the kitchen and perpendicular to the master bathroom. Zach started following me around once I pulled out my camera and he ended up in every shot. He got to the point where he wouldn't even look at the camera! (Btw, don't tell him he's a cat....he might get offended!)

The Master Bathroom.....this room is huge! We have a huge L-shaped countertop with 2 sinks. The toilet and shower are in their own separate room within the bathroom, and the washer and dryer are off to the right. I even have a dresser in there! I wish that our closet was this big!


Keetha said...

Here are my comments:

1) WOW!!!

2) I made a post title AGAIN - - - I'm feeling really special over here!!!

3) Zach is adorable

4) I think we have the same model/type of TV in our bedroom!!!

5) Your house is adorable

Terhune family said...

You should see how Zach can flush the toilet!

Keetha said...

Maybe Kim will post a picture of that - - - -