Thursday, September 13, 2007

Burger Recipe

For Sarah....copied from Robin's website :)

Mini Burger Cookies
Makes 40
Planning Tip: Can be made up to 3 days ahead. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.

1 can vanilla frosting
Yellow, red and green liquid food color
1 Cup sweetened shredded coconut
80 vanilla wafer cookies
40 small round chocolate peppermint cookies (Keebler Grasshoppers work well)

1. Put half of can of frosting in a small bowl; add yellow food color to tint yellow.
2. Repeat with other half of frosting, except add red food color.
3. Stir green food color into coconut until coconut is green.
4. Place a small dab of yellow vanilla frosting on flat side of 40 vanilla wafers.
5. Place a small dab of red vanilla frosting on the flat side of another 40 vanilla wafers.
6. Top each yellow-frosted wafer with a peppermint cookie "burger," pressing lightly to adhere.
7. Sprinkle with coconut “lettuce” on top of the burger, then add the red-frosted vanilla wafer frosted-side down to the top of the coconut-covered burger, pressing to adhere

Your final product will look like tiny little burgers that taste like "little bits of heaven"!

Or you can see the recipe on the Woman's Day website. I used Robin's variation.

Thanks, Robin! :)

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Kim and Joel said...

These look awesome! I am so going to have to use this recipe. Thanks for posting this. HOpe y'all are doing well!