Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wanna vote?

I do have more pictures to post, but I just haven't done it! I was on bed rest all last week, and now that I'm back at school, I am exhausted!!!!! I'm amazed at how tired I can be after 9 days of doing nothing! Oh! And while I was on bed rest, Mike was in Italy on a business trip. Things always happen when he leaves. :)

Ok, so I'm taking Jaena's advice.....let's vote on whether I'm going to have a boy or girl! Please leave a comment as to whether you think I'm having a boy or a girl and if you have any reasons for your guess! The winners will get to hold the baby first when I see them! :)


Robin said...

Okay, I'll go first. I'll say a girl. I don't know why. Maybe because your sister had a girl first. Maybe because I have 5 nieces and no nephews and I want you to have a girl. Maybe it's the albuterol talking!

Keetha said...

When I just studied your pictures again closely, I too thought girl. I think 'cause you remind me of how I looked with my girls.

However - - - though I am not certain what you are having, I'm pretty sure Mike is having a boy!!!! ;-)

Jim and Jaena said...

I'm going with boy just to be different. From what I read, all of the "how you are carrying" or "do you have heartburn" or whatever is NOT a true indicator (old wives tales), so I just have a 50/50 chance of being right.

Great prize, BTW. :)

Why were you on bed rest - or is that too personal? Is everything OK?