Monday, April 20, 2009

Hannah's 1st Birthday

Hannah's 1st birthday was on Friday, April 10th, and we had her party outside on the new deck on Saturday the 11th. She had so much fun.....and got sunburned! The sun reflected off of her high chair, I guess, and burned her little arms. They've finally stopped peeling, I think, but still look red. :( We had friends and family over for hamburgers and hot dogs and an Easter egg hunt.

Sorry the pictures are in reverse order. I didn't plan ahead like I normally do.....

Hannah loved opening her presents. She even enjoyed "reading" the cards! :)

Hannah is "drinking" out of a cup with a straw. She didn't know how to do that yet but she loved this cup!

The lamb was definitely a favorite. Before we went on to the next present, we gave them to Jon to keep track of. When we gave him this lamb, Hannah gave him "the look." She wasn't sure what he was going to do with her precious lamb!

Hannah loved her birthday cake! She dug right in!

I actually made Hannah's birthday cake (with Mom's help. She smoothed out the white icing and I did the rest.)

Hannah's personal cake. She helped herself to some icing.

Here is Hannah eating a hamburger. It's a huge burger and she ate half of it!

Hannah liked chewing on her large tomato slice. It didn't matter that I had cut up half of it. She wanted to chew on the big piece! :)

Some things about Hannah.....
  • She can say "apple," "ball," "daddy," "hi" and "yucky." She used to say "kitty" and "Zach" (the cat's name) but she hasn't in a while.
  • She is just starting to cruise but is really good at crawling! She stood by herself yesterday!
  • She can point to your mouth, nose and eye and say "eye" when she points to your eye. :)
  • She can sign "milk," "more," "I'm hungry," "night, night," and wave "bye, bye."
  • She loves to "talk" on the phone.
  • She loves to push buttons.
  • She can feed herself with a fork. She will stab at her food with a fork until something sticks and then can put it in her mouth. Her hands still work the best for getting food into her mouth.
  • Her favorite food is yogurt.
  • Her favorite toy is any bath toy! Or phone! Or anything with buttons!
  • She has 4 teeth....the 2 front teeth on the bottom and 2 "fangs" on top!

I'm sure there's more important things that I'm forgetting right now, but it's late and I think I'll go to bed. I still can't believe that my baby is one!!!!


Keetha said...

Hannah is growing up!!!

Adorable pictures and I LOVE the cake - - - well, actually I love BOTH of them.

Keetha said...

"I'm being followed by a moon shadow.
Moon shadow, moon shadow!!!
Leapin' and hoppin on a moon shaddow - - - Moon shadow, moon shadow!"


Keri said...

ADORABLE!!!! Great job on the cakes!

Anonymous said...

Hannah can do so much more than the last time I saw her. She is growing and changing too fast!

Loved the cakes!