Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is it worth it?

Is it worth going on vacation if you have to come home to invaders in your house? While we were gone, a mouse or two decided to make a nice home for themselves in our bathroom cabinets! (We did catch 2 soon after we came home. Yuk!) Because I don't want Hannah getting into the mess, I'm having to clean it up when she's in bed. (Since she hardly took a nap today, I've been working on it tonight.) So far I've gotten through 2 sections. I'm having to disinfect everything and throw away a lot! One good thing is coming about from all of this. It was time to go through and purge but I hadn't brought myself to do it yet. It was low on a long list of things to do. So, now I'm getting rid of a bunch of stuff I haven't used in ages and I have so much more space! So, thank you mice!
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