Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kylie's birth story

Happy Birthday, Kylie! In honor of Kylie's birthday, I will recount her birth story for you. One year ago, right now, I was wondering what was happening with the coming baby. At 9:44 PM, I handed Mike some ice cream and felt the baby drop. Mom was staying with us and told us to go to the hospital, but I wasn't sure if that's what I felt, and we had just gotten a $500 hospital bill from Memorial Day weekend, so I didn't want to rush to the hospital for nothing. However, in hind site, I realize that being 4 days overdue, they wouldn't have made me leave the hospital. Oh well... At about 9:55, I had a contraction....the same kind I had been having for at least a week, so I didn't think anything was happening. However, at 10:02 I had a hard contraction and we started moving. We were in the driveway at 10:15, rushed to the hospital, and arrived around 10:35. Mike rushed in for a wheelchair, and I barely got into it from the truck. We rushed upstairs, and Mike said that I was alerting the entire hospital that we were there with my labor siren. They barely got me entered in the computer, if that, and rushed me to the back. They rushed me to the initial room to get me ready and then rushed to the delivery room. I was ready to push, but there was no doctor! Mine was 15 minutes away, another one at the hospital was in a c-section, but they finally found someone. As soon as they found her, I pushed twice and Kylie was 10:55!! It was soooo fast! We are so thankful for you, Kylie! We love you!

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