Thursday, January 18, 2007


Here is our first snow of the year! After temperatures being in the high 60s for almost a week or more, I thought we'd never see winter! Monday was a beautiful day. It was so warm I didn't wear a coat. Then today, we might have reached 30 as the high and I didn't make it to school for our work day. I got about 5 minutes down the road, got on the interstate, and traffic was creeping. An SUV had overturned! So, I turned around and went home where I did a lot of work. We just don't have good roads or good snow removal equipment. When the pavement gets wet, it also gets very slick. There were numerous accidents this morning, including a 7-car pile up. I'm glad I stayed home. Unfortunately, Mike is flying in from Italy today. Thank goodness most of the ice and snow has melted!


Keetha said...

Kim - - - I will VOUCH for the lack of preparedness for snow in the south !! Did everyone rush out and buy bread and milk??? Greg and I STILL laugh about that. When we got our smattering of snow the other evening, Greg looked at me, grinned, and said, "Do you think I should go buy bread and milk?"

BTW - - - - your house is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! Maybe everyone else on your blog circle has already seen it - - - but I have not, and I LOVE it. Please, or pretty please post more pictures - - - inside and out!!!

Kim and Mike said...

Yes, the bread and milk were gone! The tv stations were at the store showing how much more bread and milk they had put out. Unfortunately, I'm always out of something when the snow comes and I have to go to the store. This time, though, I refused to go! I don't want to be part of that! :)

Thanks for the comments about my house. I'll find some more pictures. :)

Keetha said...

Oh - - - I can't WAIT for Greg to wake up so I can tell him that NOW they even send the news crews out to 'monitor' the amounts of bread and milk left in the store!!!!! This is gonna MAKE HIS DAY!!!

I'm waiting on pins and needles for the house pictures.

GO COLTS!!!!! Wearing of the BLUE today!!!

Kim and Joel said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL! It looks so peaceful. The snow is pretty too as long as you're looking in it and not driving huh?
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Amy said...

I think the snow blanketing your home makes for a gorgeous picture! We finally got the 1-2" of snow the weather people have been promising for over a week now. The kids loved it--insisted on playing outside before breakfast. The mountains are beautiful when topped with snow, but the clouds are so low you can't seem the mountain tops today. Oh--and you think the rush for the store was bad in NC? You should've seen people freaking out here--buying bottled water and canned goods. The utilities spokespeople had to issue statements assuring everyone they had the situation under was hysterical!