Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Sling

Ok, Kari, and anyone else who knows how to use these things.....
Is this right? It doesn't feel right. And now she has squirmed around enough in her sleep that her head isn't even supported by the cushy part anymore. What am I doing wrong? And how do I keep from sweating? And how do I keep my back from hurting? :)


Terhune family said...

You crack me up (and make me sick, if you'll remember Rachel's favorite phrase from a few years ago). It looks to me like she's over a bit far on the head side. It took me awhile to figure it out! If you can cradle her in your arm again and scoot her over a bit that might help. Also, after removing your arm, lift up on her while pulling down on the "tail" to be sure she's tight enough. I'll look for the DVD again...

Terhune family said...

On "Bunnytown," a little bunny just came onto the screen, said "underwear," cracked up and left. Sound familiar?
BTW Hannah didn't look too distressed in the sling, so it served its purpose!

Polartribe said...


I am a distributor for OTSBH and sold Kari her sling. Kari is right she's a bit over. Feel free to move her around until you're both comfortable. Another thing is, how you want to hold your baby is how you put them in the sling, ie if you want them laying down - if you want them laying down you hold them that way and then adjust the fabric around them.

If your back is hurting, try spreading the fabric across your back more before you put the baby in. That will also help with the sweating issue (but you'll still feel it where most of the padding is!)

Using a sling is about adjusting it until you are comfortable and being patient with it. I know that once you get the hang of it, you won't have to play with it as much.

You can go to to see more pictures to help you out until either Kari or I get an instructional dvd to you.

Hope that helps.


Jenileigh said...

She is beautiful Kim! I am so over joyed for you! Congratulations dear friend! Hugs!